Almost two months ago we were shut down and everything stopped.  For athletes that meant spring sports were done and summer sports were/are iffy at best.

When that initially happened, I thought that my athletes would be clamoring for workouts to stay in shape.   “Hey, we can’t practice or play [insert sport here] with our team so give me some ideas on how to improve myself as an athlete.”

That didn’t necessarily happen because all the sport teams bombarded the athletes with workouts of their own.  Gotta keep working on the skill or else you are going to lose it.

And the athletes all started doing those workouts and trying to be accountable.

Now it is almost 8 weeks later and how many of those athletes have been sticking with it?

I’d gather to say less than half and I’m being conservative.

How many of those athletes are having longer and longer durations between those training sessions?  Probably the majority.  Which means they are getting into WORSE and WORSE shape.

You might have ignored me early on, but now you need to start paying a lot more attention.  If they do happen to start resuming some sports in June (which there is still talk about it), how ready will your athlete be.

They still aren’t allowed to technically practice together and even if they were, how many of the team members feel safe to practice?  Forget that, how many are in shape enough to practice without hurting themselves??

That is the REAL question.

These athletes have deconditioned and even if we get the ability to do some type of sporting event in June, we have to be cognitive to the fact it has to be a gradual training progression.  Almost from scratch.

Which isn’t a bad thing.  Their body can finally get some of the rest it needed after way too much playing probably.  But, if it is going to start back up, then it needs a proper progression.  You just can’t begin where you left off.

And that is where I come in.

Yes, you are going to be a little sore when you resume, but it is my job to make sure you aren’t going to hurt yourself type of soreness.  Understanding where that sweet spot is located is why I got all this education and experience in the first place.

I know you are sick of this virtual coaching (or if you are lucky you are starting to get some in-person coaching).  But, you might want to start thinking about getting your athlete BACK into shape, if you want to be optimistic that some type of season will be coming up in a few weeks.

I’ve already seen on twitter about a few soccer players from the European leagues who have injured themselves after two days of practice.  Be smart and don’t let that happen to your athlete.

If they have slacked off from the “training” they were getting with their team, then get them back on it.  The next time they have off from training, you don’t want it to be because they injured themselves at their first real practice session or game.

Fat Thor picture courtesy of Avengers Endgame.