A few years back, I prepared an open letter to coaches describing why a service such as mine would be useful to his/her athletes.  If you want to take a glance at it, you can CLICK HERE.

I have created another letter for athletes who have to do a lot of off-season conditioning that isn’t required, but it is required.  This could consist of off-season lifting or a “speed school” as well.

Sometimes that isn’t necessarily the best option for your athlete.

Maybe there are a lot of people and it is too generalized or too basic. If it is speed work, it might not be specific enough to your athlete.

In these cases, the coach feels that you “need” to be participating in these workouts for whatever reason.  If you don’t agree with that, you need to provide the coach with a note stating why you will be missing these workouts.

I have crafted such a letter to show that you are continuing to better yourself as an athlete and you are not missing these workouts just to go home and take a nap.

Fill in the appropriate words indicated in this letter, print off, and hand to your coach.

Dear [insert coach name],

I wanted to inform you that I will not be participating in the off-season lifts and speed sessions the team will be having.  Any conditionings, open fields [or gym if needed], or scrimmages I most certainly will attend.

Although, I appreciate the gesture to try and get me stronger and faster, I am already working with a qualified speed coach who has created a program specific to me.  It has already paid off for me as I have been stronger and faster in several of my [insert club game or other tournament here].

My speed coach has no desire to steal me away and form his own [insert sport] team.  He has the same goal as mine and I assume as you do as well.  To get me in the best possible shape and be ready to go at the beginning of our season.

He has developed speed in many [insert your sport here] athletes and some have had high level success.  I feel he is doing that for me and if I participate in our team lifts or speed sessions I will not receive the same individualized training that is specific to the strengths and weaknesses I need to address to get faster and stronger.

As I stated, I will participate in our off-season conditionings and everything else that you are asking we do.  I WILL be ready to go by the start of the season.  You do not have to worry about my speed or strength.  I WILL be better than I was last year.

Sincerely, [insert your name here]

Go [insert team mascot here]!