Dear Coach,

My name is Adam Kessler and I’m a speed coach right here in Columbus, Ohio.  In fact, since there really aren’t that many speed coaches, you could say I’m one of the best in Central Ohio.  I’ve been speed training for close to 20 years and I think I could help you out.

You are the coach of a highly successful

[insert sport] team that has to work with a lot of different athletes.  My guess is that as much as you try to get all the kids working hard in the off-season, that you can’t reach everyone.

I’m not here to replace any type of speed/conditioning program you have.  I’m here to offer my services as a supplement for the athletes to get better.

I was the strength coach at Columbus Academy high school for 5 years and in that time we had championship state title teams in football, field hockey, and a runner-up in baseball.  Being a small school, the most we would have in a weight room at once was 20-25 athletes.

I’m a good strength coach and even with that small a number in the weight room, it was tough to properly instruct that number of athletes in the weight room sessions.  You have 3-4 times the amount of kids in your own program.  I can imagine how tough it must be for you.

Ohio State is right down the street from us and they roughly have the same amount of kids in their football program as some of our area high school teams.  They have a head strength coach, several assistants, grad students, and interns all helping out and still it can be a chore.  Do you have the same amount of eyes to help with your [insert sport] team?  Probably not.

I can be that extra set of eyes.

I’ve helped over 500+ athletes get bigger, faster, and stronger.  Just in the last month, I helped a top high school football prospect lower his 40 to a time that got him not 1, but 2 college scholarship offers.  With the possibility of more to come.  His dad texted me that I just won him a $150K bonus.  My company knows what it is doing.

Inevitably, you are doing the best you can to get your athletes faster and stronger.  But, you have so many athletes that I’m sure there are others that just want that extra attention so they can make a difference on your team this year.

I’m not saying encourage them to look outside of your program for help.  What I’m saying is to offer them a place where they can go that you know they will see results and come back better and be a positive for your team goals.  Basically, saying “you can get stronger and faster with our team conditioning program, but if you want extra attention then see Adam Kessler and his company because I’ve reviewed their program and they get athletes bigger, stronger, and faster in a way that I as your coach approve.”

When I was strength coaching at Academy, I told the coach a long time ago, “If you want to add things to our weight program you think might be beneficial, then let me call a few plays during your football game.”  Just like you go to coaching clinics to learn better [insert sport] plays or strategies, I go to clinics to constantly learn the latest and greatest training methods and apply them to my athletes.

You can spend more energy focusing on your sport and I can work on getting your athletes better.

Let’s find some time to meet so I can go over my program with you, show you the results I have with my athletes, and convince you that if your players need outside help you can feel confident they will get it with my company.


Adam E. Kessler

President, and (blog)