I was out with a couple of buddies recently and they enlightened me on an Oura Ring, which apparently Prince Harry has made famous.  And from what they were telling me about this ring, it could be a gamechanger on how we train our athletes.

In a nutshell, this Oura Ring is supposed to be the technology that helps us improve our wellness.

The ring tracks data from your lifestyle and then spits out a “readiness” score to determine if you are ready to rock and roll for an awesome workout or if you need to take it easy that day.

Some of the data being tracked is the following:

  • Light sleep tracking
  • REM sleep tracking
  • Resting heartrate
  • Body temperature variances
  • Daily activity tracker
  • And other things that might bore you.

Monitoring sleep is huge for athletes and if you aren’t getting the right kind of sleep, wouldn’t it be helpful to know why and what can help?

All this data gives a readiness score.  This readiness score will help you determine if you have recovered from the previous day’s activity and if you are ready for more recovery or a great workout.

How can this help your athlete?

Typically as coaches we map out a practice gameplan based on what we did the previous workout and/or when games are coming.  But, with this technology, we can eliminate the guesswork about whether the athletes are dragging or not, by seeing their readiness score.

For example, if you have an intense workout one day, you put together a few workouts of varying intensities to do based on the readiness score the next day.  If they don’t have a high readiness score, they still probably need to recover.  You then adjust the workout for more of a recovery workout.

Based on the above scenario, you wouldn’t put in an intense quality workout until you got the readiness score that you needed.  That readiness score will be based on effective sleep, diet, etc.

You get the cycle down and you can start predicting how many days in advance of a competition you can do intense work and have the proper amount of days for recovery.  That way when the competition comes they have an awesome readiness score and should perform well for the competition.

The technology is out there.  As coaches, we need to figure out how to make it work for us.  The coach and athlete that can do that, I predict will bet the ones that are succeeding more often than naught.

Tell me what you think.  You think this might be worthwhile.  Place your comments in the box below and tell me if you think this is bunk or there might be some merit to it.