I’m not going to lie.  I get a little irritated when I hear people say that their kids are doing some sort of athlete training program at the local country club with one of their trainers.

Am I jealous?

Not necessarily, but I liken it to going to your family doctor to figure out what is wrong with your heart.  The doctor might know a little bit on what your issue might be.  He/she got some general training in that area in med school.  But, if you have heart issues, why don’t you go to a doctor that specializes in hearts.  Say a cardiologist.

Or better yet, you tell your tax attorney that you’re not going to use him/her this year because your nephew said he’d do it.  He’s good at numbers and you want to throw him a bone.  You’re basically just trying to save money and hope you can come close to getting the same result that your tax attorney would get you.

The trainer at the country club might have some idea how to train your little athlete.  But, I’m guessing the majority of the day, that trainer is not working with athletes at the country club.  Probably working a nice booty class with the moms of the country club and they suggest why don’t you put a little program together for our kids.

That program could be pretty good.  It might also achieve some type of goal of getting your athlete ready for his/her sport.

Just don’t let someone like me know little Johnny or Janey is doing that.  Call me Mr. Sensitive, but it is a slap in the face to me.

Getting an athlete’s skills sharp is not like putting a housemom through a workout to lose a few pounds.  I still train several adult clients and putting their workouts together is a lot easier than athletes.  

I’ve had relatively the same program/plan for adults hoping to lose some pounds and stay in shape for the last few decades.  There might be some minor changes to nutritional ideas, but the exercise has really stayed the same.  And those clients seem to still enjoy the results.

Speed and strength improvements for athletes is a whole different beast.  I’ve changed my programs around at least 3 times in the last 4 years for my athlete development.  There is just new research coming out constantly.  If you aren’t up to date with it, you likely will miss it.

You don’t want to be that speed coach that is saying, you are either born with speed or you’re not.  You really wouldn’t be much of a speed coach if you said that, but you get my point.  There are outdated concepts.

What I believed would work for speed development three years ago is vastly different than what I do now.  If my track team did the exact same speed progression this year that we did 3 years ago, I don’t know if we win two state titles with our sprint relays.  

You certainly have the right to take your kid to the local gym for the “athlete” program.  Maybe it is convenience.  Maybe it is less dollars.  Don’t think you are getting the same quality program that I, or someone with my experience, might provide. 

You aren’t.  It also isn’t as good.  Enjoy it though.