I think most people are wanting 2020 to be over with.  I am included in that thought.  I continued to write blog posts on various topics I thought would draw interest from you throughout this year.  There is still a lot of interesting research and data out there on the development of youth athletes.

That being said, I wanted to take a look back at the blog posts I wrote this year.  I wanted to see which posts you really were intrigued by.  That is today’s post.  Looking back at the most popular topics that my email subscribers clicked through to read.

Here they are in reverse order:

#5 – You Think You Are Ready To Play College Sports…READ THIS, December 7.  A recent blog post that hopes to wake up some of these hotshot kids who think they will continue having the success they had in high school right into college.  Yes, some do, but most need to wake up and read this post.

#4 – This College Coach Gave Me One Training Tip That Is More Valuable For Female Athletes Than Males, November 30.  As the father of two female athletes, this information is really valuable.  Now, I know a lot of training information since this is my business, but this little nugget I was not very aware of.  Once I learned it, it made a whole lot of sense to me.  Don’t think I will not apply this to my daughters.

#3 – This One Easy Method For Improving Your Sprint Time, November 3.  There are many methodologies to get an athlete faster.  Sometimes, people make it too complicated.  Life is complicated enough.  Pick a simple method and go with it.  This is one of these easy methods.

#2 – My One Big Takeaway from “The Last Dance” Documentary, May 19.  I was not a Chicago Bulls fan, but I respected what they did.  When I watched it, there was one thing that really stood out to me from this documentary.  One thing that I thought young athletes today could takeaway from it and use for their own athletic ambitions.

#1 – Was It Lance Armstrong’s Workouts Or Drugs That Made Him Great?, May 26.  I actually wrote this post in 2012, but because of the new documentary that came out this past spring it got some renewed interest.  I discussed how I had made this claim before Oprah even coerced it out of Lance.  You guys must have been really curious about this because this post got the most clicks out of all my blog posts this year that I wrote.

Hope you guys enjoy re-reading these again.  I also hope to have a whole new slew of topics for you to enjoy in 2021.