As we hope that fall sports is happening, a lot of athletes have been working their butt off getting in the best shape possible.  They’ve also been trying to get their speed as fast as they can and their strength as strong as they can.

There is one missing element that if addressed, I feel could help both areas of speed and strength.

For max strength gains and fast sprints, your body uses an energy system called the ATP-CP system, or phosphagen system.  This system provides free energy that the body is going to use the first 7-10 seconds of any kind of running event.  That is why it is important to always start off hard in any running race you do otherwise you waste using that energy.

Creatine phosphate is converted into ATP.  Creatine is converted by your muscles into that creatine phosphate.  Creatine can be created naturally by your body or can be consumed in foods like red meat and/or supplementation.

The theory is the more creatine you have in your body the more it can eventually be converted into ATP.  ATP gets energy to your muscles fast to contract and do whatever they need to do – sprint or lift more weight.

If your body is topped off with creatine then you have an ample supply to perform at the highest level possible when you need to – doing a strength workout and/or running in a race.

There might be many options for you to obtain creatine, but if you don’t have an option off the top of your head, I might recommend Advocare’s Mass Impact.

Take it with a little fruit juice.  The sugar in the fruit juice will raise insulin levels and this will help increase creatine uptake in the muscles.

I’ve used it and a couple of our sprinters have used it during their outdoor track season last year.  At an age where I’m losing some testosterone thus the ability to hold onto strength/muscle, I’ve been able to maintain strength levels and add a little bit more muscle.

The sprinters were able to keep their explosiveness and continue running fast times that took them both to the outdoor state track meet in 2019.

I don’t necessarily believe that their success was solely based on taking creatine supplementation and the Mass Impact.  I think it played a part.  Just like the off-season lifting they did.  The speed work.  The in-season training plan.

Each provided a small piece to the puzzle where if you put them altogether you get the final complete picture.

I don’t necessarily think you need to take creatine all the time.  But, if you were coming up on a season, I would add it in the last cycle of a training phase to give an added boost.  I would then skip it during pre-season and begin taking it in the early part of the in-season so that by the time playoffs began, it was well into your system helping you stay STRONG, FAST, & EXPLOSIVE!!

Is it necessary?  No probably not.

But, I feel if taken properly it can give your athlete that extra boost to help with your training and give you the slight edge that you might need to be successful.

If you want to try Mass Impact, CLICK HERE, and check it out.  If you don’t like it, return it within 30 days for a money back guarantee.