The new normal now is to social distance yourself from everyone except who you live with in your immediate household.  If you go somewhere else where there are people, be prepared to walk around in your bubble suit.

That being said, this takes you away from the gym and any type of working out with your friends or teammates.  You now have to create the performance facility of your dreams at your house with everything you have around the house to use for training devices.

But, how can you do that???

Luckily, tonight at 8pm, Adam (if you need to ask who Adam is just unsubscribe from his list right now) will be discussing this topic on a Facebook Live talk.

If you go to tonight you can hear all the ways you can make your house a performance training facility.

If you can’t make it, then read the list below of items you can probably purchase to keep you in shape:

  • Jump Rope – This should be first and foremost. It is inexpensive and not only can you do conditioning with it, but you can help your speed and foot quickness.  You can go out in your driveway and use this.  I wish I could give you advice on a good jump rope, but I keep picking ones that stink.  Hopefully, your luck will be better than mine.
  • Resistance Bands – There a couple kinds you can get. Mini bands (click the words to go purchase them at Amazon) can go around your ankle and you can do all sorts of leg work with them.  You can also get longer resistance bands that will help you hit almost every body part you have.  Plus they can be used for resistance speed work and plyometric jumping.
  • Stability Balls – I feel you can order these anywhere. If you use these right, they can be your new workout bench.  You can do every body part using this ball and it helps your core as well as the muscle you are working on at the time.
  • Agility Ladder or Cones – To save you money, just get some chalk and draw a ladder on the sidewalk. For your cones, take some old t-shirts and use them as cones.  Simple and done.  Moving on.
  • Sliders – We loving using sliders. From core to legs, it is a challenging workout.  But, do not buy the exercise sliders.  They are way overpriced.  Go to a place like Bed, Bath, & Beyond and get the furniture sliders.  They are cheaper and work just the same.  Or you can use t-shirts on a hard wood floor.
  • Resistance Weights – Depending on what you are doing and how strong you are, using a gallon milk carton might suffice filling it with water. Or get a bookbag and load it with some weight.  Think outside the box with this.

If you don’t have the money to get all the equipment you would really like, then look into these items.  It will not put you in financial straits and you can still have enough variety to provide you with a very sound, quality workout.