One goal that a lot of young athletes have is to be able to play their sport in college.  With the development of all these travel sports, one of the draws to these teams is that they will get you in front of college coaches who might want to recruit you.

My bet is that if you are playing on a summer club/travel team, at some point this summer you will be playing in front of some college coaches.

You might think that you need to play awesome to completely get the attention of the coaches.  But, there are a few things that you need to do to help your chances of getting noticed.  It might not get you all the notices you are looking for, but if you don’t do these I can guarantee you aren’t helping your cause.

  • You need to get the coaches emails or contact information from the schools that you are interested in. If you find out they will be at one of the showcases that you will be at, then you need to make sure you reach out to them.  You need to introduce yourself and let them know you are interested in their school.  Then tell them your game schedule and your uniform number.  Hope for the best that they will be at your game.
  • If you can play the way you are capable of playing, that would be great. If you have an awful game, that is not the end of the world.  There will be other things they look at.
  • What does your body language say? Are you promoting positivity or is your body language showing you are in a bad mood.
  • How do you interact with your teammates? Are you engaged with them?  Do you congratulate them when you get the chance?  Do you slap high fives?  Basically, are you a good teammate?
  • When you are on the bench how engaged are you? Are you watching the game or looking into the crowd?  Are you continuing to be positive and cheering on your teammates?  At a timeout, do you come out to greet your teammates with encouragement or just kind of wander to the huddle?
  • How do you react to your coach? Are you focused on what he/she is saying or ignoring the words?  Do you show respect for the coach?

All those things play an important role whether a college coach is interested in you or not.  If you show the opposite behavior of what I listed above, a coach might think twice about pursuing you.

If you don’t encourage your teammates, does a coach want that type of attitude on the team potentially ruining morale?

After the game, make sure you reach out to that college coach and thank that person for watching.  Maybe they didn’t watch you at all, but a college coach will appreciate you being proactive with these items.

Finally, the big thing is that YOU have to initiate all this.  Don’t have your parents do it.  These are college coaches.  You will be away from your parents for a long time during the school year.  They need to see that they can communicate with you about everything without your parents being involved.

You do all that then you will set yourself up to be remembered by the college coach of your dreams.