The older you get, the more opportunities you have to regret certain choices that you might have made.  Do you think Pete Carroll regrets going for the pass in the Super Bowl when you had Beastmode in the backfield?

I hope he does.  Something about him irritates me.

I’m sure there are choices that you have made in your athletic career that haunt you.  That is one reason why I feel parents act so nutty with their kids and sports.  They want them to be better than what they were and learn from their mistakes.  Not saying it excuses some of their behavior, but you can see why they got there.

In my career in athletics there are certain choices or decisions that I made that I don’t think haunt me, but I certainly think about every so often.

Here are my top choices in no particular order:

  • No order, but this one, this is my #1 wrong choice. I did not run track in college for at least one year.  If I had done that, I would have at least figured out if it was for me or not.  If I walked away after that year, then at least I could say I tried it.  Every athlete I talk to that tells me they think they’d like to try college sports, I say go for it.  You only have so many years where you are at your athletic peak.  Do it and check it off your list.

  • My senior year in basketball with less than 4 seconds left in the game, I received an inbounds pass driving up the court. We were down by 1 and I was determined to take the last second heave ho.  My point guard was streaking down the sideline ahead of me.  I still remember him clapping and looking for the pass.  I don’t know why I didn’t pass, but I didn’t and heaved up this shot that didn’t go in.  He would have had a closer look if I had flipped it up to him.  Who knows?  We might still have lost, but he probably had the better percentage shot.
  • Amazingly, I do not feel the rocking mullet I sported back in the day was a haunted choice of mine. See pic above.
  • I probably should have played football my senior year. I know I’ve talked about this before, but all my friends played football and it would have been a fun year.  I really do think I would have made the difference in getting at least one more victory that year.  Heck, maybe it would have been one less victory, but I like to be positive.  Once again.  You only get these opportunities once in a lifetime.  High school is a special time in your life.  Take advantage of the sport’s atmosphere while you can.
  • I missed out on major achievements in track by inches and tenths of seconds. If I had taken my off-season training a little more seriously, maybe I would have had that many more achievements.  You never want to say what if.  If I had lifted during the off-season and still missed out on those achievements, at least I could say I was at my absolute best condition possible and it just wasn’t good enough.  Because I didn’t, my go to phrase, “If I had lifted in the off-season I could have gotten the speed and jumping necessary to be a state champ.”  Now I will never know.
  • As a coach, I still get mad at myself for not putting my daughter as the anchor of her 4x200M relay team her 6th grade year. Yes, I know it is 6th grade and I don’t know why I keep thinking about that dumb race.  But, I had her at the 3rd leg and she was running real well.  They ended up getting 3rd  Call it a gut feeling, but if I had switched her and the anchor, I truly feel my daughter would have found a way to win.  Some people have it where they are going to do what it takes to get the job done and she had it that year.  Missed out on getting 3 first places that year due to my gaffe.

With the exception of the basketball play, these choices weren’t made on a whim.  These were supposedly thought out choices and I feel I made the wrong ones in these cases.  Learn from my mistakes and don’t let your own stupid pride get in the way of you possibly having some great athletic memories for yourself.