I recently wrote a blog post on how to get your athlete recruited for college sports.  I had people comment to me about the post and still asked, “So what do you think is the best way to get recruited?”

I guess it doesn’t shock me that in this day and age where we need information pronto that people might have missed this little nugget.  If it doesn’t show up in the first two words they certainly aren’t going to read further when the answer might be in the next sentence.

Looks like I will have to take the best nugget out of that post and sum it up to you like this:

You need to tell the college coach about your athlete!

 I work with athletes who play all sorts of sports and play on whatever travel team that is associated with that sport.  As they get older what do you think one of the big selling points is to be on that travel team – “You will get to play in front of all sorts of college coaches.”

The percentage that your athlete has the ability alone to get recognized by a college coach is (and to quote Mary Swanson from Dumb and Dumber) 1 in a million.

You know how that percentage increases??  If you communicate with the coach.

That’s it.  It is pretty simple.  If you play for the most awesome travel baseball team in the universe and are playing in another blow-your-mind college showcase with the ultimate best most popular college coaches in the country attending (yet again), then you might want to let those coaches know you will be there.

You will probably get a list of those college coaches that are supposed to be attending.  You will also get a schedule of what field you are playing on and who you are playing.  Let the coach know.

Go find the coach’s email from the college website.  See if the coach has a twitter account.  Does the coach have a phone number in the college department that you can call and leave a message?  But, in as much in advance as you can start communicating with that coach.

Take it in phases.  If you know your team will be at a showcase and that coach is supposed to be there let him/her know immediately.  Tell them about yourself.  What position you play, your team name, your uniform number, and how you think that coach is the greatest thing since sliced bread and you would be honored if he/she could watch you at the showcase.

Once the tournament gets solidified and you know where specifically you are playing at, then let the coach know.

You might not hear from the coach, but after the game follow up.  Don’t be disappointed if he/she says they didn’t get to that game.  Tell the coach how you played and the next chance to see your awesome talent then repeat the process.

Don’t limit it to one coach.  Get a few in mind and send the exact same emails to them.  What’s it going to hurt?  They are doing the same thing with college recruits.

The last thing is you might want to be a little honest with your true abilities.  I’m not saying don’t believe in yourself, but understand the college coaches at Top 10 schools have a list of the potential studs across the land.  If you aren’t on that list and not getting contacted by those coaches already, then don’t focus on just those coaches.

There are a ton of other schools out there that can give scholarships.  Explore those and introduce yourself to those coaches.   Once you do and if you are as good as you think you are, you will be amazed how quickly you will be noticed by those coaches and pursued.

Learn this skill set about being persistent and introducing yourself.  It will pay dividends for you in life when you are no longer playing, but pursuing a career.  You’ll be glad you did.