If you talk with track coaches they say that one of the big muscles groups that needs to be worked on.

When Tiger Woods was going through some injury issues awhile back, some analysts said that his glutes weren’t firing right.  They need to start activating.

Now don’t tell Tiger this, but I know the two exercises he needs to do to get those glutes activating properly.  Now, these would be the same two exercises that track coaches want to do to get their athletes faster.

Here are the exercises and what you need to do to do them:

  1. Get a small elastic band that can go around your knees.  You can get these bands at local sporting goods store or someplace like a Walmart.
  2. Place the band around your knees just under them.  The closer you place the band down your shins to around your ankles, the harder it will be.
  3. The first exercise you will do is just slowly walk forward 10M in an athletic stance then back.
  4. The second exercise will be to walk sideways down 10M then back.
  5. That’s it.  They should be ready to go now.

These two exercises will activate the glutes properly so you can utilize them in exercises during your workout.  A lot of track coaches have included these two exercises in their warmup especially with their sprinters since sprinting really needs those glutes working right.

With some of our strength training workouts for our athletes, we might do these drills prior to the workout.  There are a good percentage of young athletes that we notice in their movements the glutes aren’t firing right.  So we will have them do these two drills to hopefully get the glutes kick-started.

Because the glutes are so weak, they usually start burning after doing these two exercises.  Once that happens and we get them warmed up we can proceed to some traditional leg strengthening exercises like squats and lunges.  This will then allow us to strengthen the glutes that much more which will in turn get your athlete stronger and faster.

These are two simple drills, but effective drills to get those glutes activating.  Sometimes, through strength or flexibility imbalances the muscles just shut down.  Working on improving those imbalances hopefully will eliminate the need to use drills such as these to re-activate muscles.

But, correcting those imbalances is a topic for yet another day.  So someone please tell Tiger to do these two drills and I’m sure his glutes will be just fine.