When it comes to your child’s athletic career, your role should really be to encourage, watch and offer support. Whether the child is successful in sports or not is not a direct reflection on you as a parent. However, if your child is respectful, resilient, does his best, is coachable, mentally tough and is a great team member that does reflect on your parenting. Your involvement as a parent is very critical, whether your child is participating in high school sports, youth sports or is going through the recruitment process for college.

College recruitment for a student athlete can be quite overwhelming. Many times the student finds the process time consuming, confusing and even frustrating. As a parent, you can help in the following ways:

  • Consider being an administrative assistant to your child. He or she must have ownership of the process.
  • Help your child remain grounded and realistic.
  • Communicate the budget that you have in mind for college so that they work within what is affordable.
  • Help to bring order to the process.
  • Be available to proofread correspondences and emails before they go out. Simply make suggestions but do not do the editing work.
  • Be sure to develop a timeline for recruitment.
  • Be there for your child when he or she needs a listening ear.

As you can see, the most you can do as a parent is to be available to provide advice and support. This is very important when it comes to the recruitment process. Let your involvement be felt without taking over the process. It is a little bit like learning how to drive. Your child is in the driver’s seat doing all the work and you are in the passenger seat offering guidance as needed. It’s a great partnership.