In order to present a student resume that is well rounded for college entrance, a student is expected to be good in class and out of it. Athletics have started taking a prominent position in student admissions. Whereas for most High School students, athletics is seen as a hobby with little or no pressure, things are entirely different when it comes to college sports.

The process of recruitment can make the admissions race even more stressful than it currently is. Parents can help their teens when it comes to navigating the recruitment process in a way that is more positive and proactive. Here are 7 factors to consider:

  1. Consider early specialization. When a child plays the same sport throughout the year, he or she will be a top prospect by the time they are ready for college.
  2. Attend tournaments and camps to showcase your child’s prowess. This is where college recruiters go to find talent.
  3. Narrow down the universities that your child would like to go to. Study their websites and that of the NCAA for information on recruitment and eligibility.
  4. You need to be thorough and aggressive in your search. Be sure to directly contact the coach and attend their summer camp if they have one.
  5. Don’t rely on online recruiting services to be your ticket to the college of your choice. Coaches prefer to see you in action and not just on paper.
  6. It is important to note that sports scholarships and financial aid are not guaranteed even if you are accepted to the college of your choice. Research thoroughly and make a plan for how you will pay for college.
  7. If your child is not accepted into the college team but is still keen to play the sport, keep your options open.