Parents often wonder how young is too young to begin the recruiting process? The truth is, these days, recruiters are watching budding sports stars at younger ages than ever before. Recruiters check out games and players as young as those who are in Little League, or youth football leagues. So the bottom line is, it’s never too early to start the recruiting process. However, it’s always too early to go at it hard.

As a parent, offer guidance, pay attention, and be gentle. You don’t want to get into the habit of being overly pushy. If your child has the star quality that you feel he or she does, the recruiter will notice. Recruiters are in the background, taking names, and making lists of the kids they want to keep up with. Of course, you want to encourage your child to do his or her best, make sure the child shows up on time, practices, is a good team player, and exhibits good sportsmanship. While a child’s skill on the field is what will attract a recruiter, the child’s personality is important too. A boastful child who puts down teammates and feels entitled is not a good prospect, no matter how good a player they might be.

Let your child shine, while you sit in the background and play a supporting role. Teach your child to speak to the coach on their own, without you interfering, this is something that coaches and recruiters like to see. Sit back, and relax. A great player will get the notice they deserve. So, keep in mind that the recruiting process can start when children are elementary school aged, there isn’t a lot that you have to do, other than what you’re already doing. Just be sure that your child is doing their best and that he or she is a good person.