There are a lot of cool moments that happened in sports. Bobby Thomson’s homerun for the Giants. Pitching a no-hitter. Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary touchdown reception. Winning the green jacket.

When I was younger, I used to play basketball by myself and dream I was the shooting guard for the Showtime Lakers. Byron Scott, I love you, but in my dream you were my backup. I’d play games against the Celtics in the NBA Finals and of course I was hitting the game winning shot.

Every so often, my friends and I would talk about what would be the coolest sporting moment to do just once. Before I go through my list of what I came up with that would be cool, here are two moments in my sporting career that were about as cool as they can get for a non-pro athlete.

  1. Running in the Ohio High School state track meet at Ohio Stadium (which they no longer do anymore). The homestretch was packed waiting for the big school division to start there meet. But those people had to suffer through my mile relay race which we captured second place.
  2. Playing in the basketball regional finals at Bowling Green. The place was packed with 75% of the crowd against us. We lost on a last second shot that led to a thunderous roar from the opposing fans. I couldn’t hear anything for at least 5 minutes they were screaming so loud.

Alright, now my fantasy coolest sporting moments. I’m only going to list a few, otherwise I could be hear all day. These are special to me based on the sports that I obviously enjoy. So no golf or swimming highlights here.

  • There are several cool moments that I could list playing football, but the thought of having my bell rung by those bigger, stronger, faster dudes doesn’t thrill me. But what would be cool would be playing on a college football team at a major university (Ohio State for instance) and the moment right before the game starts where you run out of the tunnel to all your screaming fans. I think that would be quite a rush.
  • I still think playing in the NBA Finals would be awesome. The fans right on top of you creates such an energy. But the ultimate would be hitting that game winning shot in Game 7 to win it for your team. As fun as it would be to do it on the home court, I think it would be that much better to do it away and shut the home crowd up.
  • The 100M dash is still the top dog at any track meet, especially the Olympics. Running in the 100M finals at the Olympics would be insane. Yes, it goes by quick, but the buzz before the race, the announcing of the competitors, and the 10 second frenzy to the finish would be unreal.
  • There are some more I think would be great, but the last one I’m going to mention would be playing in a tennis Grand Slam final. I’m picking either the U.S. Open or the Australian Open. The other two seem too stuffy and there is a good chance the final could be played at night. Give me a rowdy crowd when good shots are being hit and the Jimmy Connors arm pump any day.

Like I said, I think it would be really cool to be part of certain sporting moments. What do you think of mine and what others would you love to be right in the middle of? Put your suggestions in the comment’s box below.

Photo courtesy of Hector Alejandro on Flickr: