I don’t watch much lacrosse. Not saying I don’t like it, I just didn’t grow up with it, didn’t watch it, and so in turn don’t watch it. My nephew plays lacrosse and this weekend was playing in a tournament down in Cincinnati. He is on a U15 travel team and so that is where I spent the first half of my Father’s Day.

Even though I don’t watch lacrosse, I do understand how to get a lacrosse player stronger and faster. In fact, Stack.com asked me to write a couple articles about lacrosse conditioning and training.

Watching just two games of high school age lacrosse, I learned these few things about lacrosse.

  1. It is a physical game, so you have to be tough.
  2. Conditioning is very similar to the conditioning you would have for soccer or field hockey.
  3. Strategies are very similar to basketball – set a pick, fast breaks, and cutting to the goal to receive a pass.

But, probably the biggest thing I took away is this – if you are fast, you can be a real weapon in this game.

Another shocker, speed is valuable for another sport. But, I didn’t realize this until watching two games in person.

These guys fly down the field, deflecting sticks and body blows, and someone with some speed can really create a definitive advantage for their team. Beating other opponents down the field and creating 3 on 2’s or 4 on 3’s can help lead to easy goals.

Quickness helps as well. In tight quarters, these guys do spins and cuts like a running back would on the football field. You add someone who has speed and it is all over with.

Consequently, I have a newfound appreciation on how to train the lacrosse athlete. If I can get you faster, you are going to be that much more lethal on the playing field. You combine that with someone who is tough and can deliver a blow. WOW!! Look out.

Lacrosse players!! I know you are in the middle of your summer traveling and tournament play. When you get done, come talk to me. We’ll put together a plan to get you so much faster for next season, it will be scary. I’ve seen what you can do and know how to help.

Let’s get it on!!