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I Can Make You $150,000

Yes, you read that right.  I can make you $150,000.  Let me share this story.  

Ben HaleHigh school football has started here in Columbus.  The double sessions at least.  Boy those bring back some memories, but this August so far it has not been extremely hot, so that has been nice.  One athlete who is hoping to have a great senior year is Ben Hale, who plays football at St. Charles, a local high school here in Columbus.

I worked with Ben and his brother way back when their ages were both in the single digits.  Ben was a good athlete then, but I hadn’t seen him in awhile when he came back to work with me this spring.  I had followed his football career in the local paper and had seen he made one of the All-District teams.

One mission and one mission only.

Ben plays safety in football at St. Charles.  He also plays for the basketball team, but when him and I met I had one job to do:

Improve his speed, specifically get him to run as fast a 40 as possible.

I did all the preliminary testing that we normally do with all of our athletes so we had a baseline.  I don’t time people in the 40 (just the 10 and 20), but he mentioned last he ran it, he ran in the low 4.6’s.

As a safety, Ben doesn’t need the raw speed that cornerbacks have to have.  Ben has the size – he is about 6′ 2″ and 185 pounds.  With that frame, I’m sure college coaches will say they can add the bulk he’ll need to play in college with a good lifting program and year round dedication to the sport.  But, if we can show he has the speed now, that will be icing on the cake.

He had some camps coming up in June and we decided if we could get in the low 4.5’s and ideally anywhere in the 4.4’s (probably all hand timed), it will get him a serious look from a division 1 college.

Can he play football?

Times and stats are good, but can he play football.  Ben had a highlight tape that he shared with me and he can play.  You think of safeties as being able to cover when need be, but also laying the boom to help out on the run.  Ben had enough highlight hits that I think he is covered there.

He also has it academically.  St. Charles is a college prep academy school and he has a good GPA, so college coaches need not worry about that.  So basically, all we have to do is show he has athleticism to play at the division 1 level and that will boil down to his 40 yard dash time.  A good time will almost guarantee a scholarship, a bad time will put that in doubt.

My staff and I progressed him through our normal speed training we do with our advanced athletes.  We have to push them along at a little more intense pace because that is what is needed to get the speed development we desire.  We also tweaked it and focused on how to run the 40.  We did a lot of starts and 10 yard dashes.  That is where the 40 is improved.


His first camp was at Toledo early in June.  Based on what we had done and his improvements, he ran a 1.51 in the 10 and a 2.63 in the 20 yard dash, I felt he could get in the 4.5’s.  A low time, I thought would get the attention he needed from the coaches.  The jumps and 20 yard shuttle are important and Ben ran them well, but the 40 needed to be there.

He texted me, that he ran a 4.54 and Toledo offered him a scholarship.  Outstanding!!  But he had a few other camps to run and he was feeling good.  I thought a time in the high 4.4’s was doable.

A week later him and his dad texted me.  Ben ran a 4.48 and Bowling Green offered him a scholarship.  His dad texted me saying, “I just made 150K bro LOL!!”  Ben took the offer and will be playing football next fall at Bowling Green.

Just think if he ran a 4.68, BG might not have even talked with him, but getting in that 4.48 the offer was all but assured.  The little money he invested in our speed training was made back 100-fold with that one scholarship.  Now his education is all paid for and he gets to pursue football at the next level for another 4 years.  Those memories will last a lifetime.

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  1. Robert Ruffalo August 12, 2013 at 9:53 am - Reply

    Hey Adam ,
    That is awesome. With hard work and dedication and a small investment in your services this athlete saved $150K WOW!. Have you done an FMS screen on him ?
    Would love to know his FMS screen score. Keep me posted on your success with your athletes you are an inspiration to the youth and your knowledge and motivation will reap benefits with all that work with you.

    Rob Ruffalo PT,DC,CCSP,FMS,TPI MP3, JR2 Coach

    • Adam Kessler August 12, 2013 at 2:29 pm - Reply

      Yes we did. I can’t remember specifics, but I think he got a 17. I don’t think there were any asymmetries either.

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