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What Is The Value Of A Sport Trainer/Coach?

In case you haven’t really been following my blog, I’m a speed coach.  I work on athletes getting faster and more explosive in their sport.  In order to do that, I have to also put together a strength routine to get them stronger, which leads to an increased vertical jump as a byproduct of this training.

I have to know a little about each sport so that I can train each athlete appropriately to get faster in their sport.  I don’t know a lot about lacrosse, but I know the style of the game and how to get a lacrosse player faster for lacrosse.  I know there are similarities to getting a sprinter in track and a soccer player faster, but I also have to get the soccer player’s lateral quickness fast whereas the sprinter does not need that skill set.

I don’t know the new secret chokehold that will make your son a better wrestler.

I don’t know how to get your athlete to be a better quarterback.  I can’t straighten out your baseball/softball players pop-ups (but if they can hit it on the ground, my speed development will help them beat the throw out).  I couldn’t teach your kid to juggle a soccer ball if my life depended on it.

My niche is to develop a very specific skill set and because of this I get paid to develop this speed.  15 – 20 years ago, this wasn’t even a profession.  This type of coaching was known, but only used for top level Olympic athletes by their coaches.  Not even professional athletes took advantage of these sport specific coaches.

When I was growing up in the 80’s, personal trainers were just starting to come about at health clubs.  They were really the first people you paid to get you in shape.  There were instructors out there for golf, tennis, and I recall a baseball instructor, but that was it.  A basketball coach for shooting was unheard of.  And a speed coach.  Forget about it.

In the early 90’s, there were some speed coaches that were springing up in Columbus or speed training facilities to be precise.  This place was training a lot of NFL players that were from the Central Ohio area.

People were wanting to utilize the same type of training that professionals were using, for their young athletes.

Maybe it would help them get to the pros.  Maybe it would help them get a college scholarship.  Or maybe it would give them the most positive sports experience that parents can give a kid.  Whatever the reason, sport coaches were becoming hot commodities and people were willing to pay for their services.

How much are these sport coaches worth to you to get athletes better?  Just like anything it is supply and demand.  Here are some of the rates of some local sport coaches I have in the Columbus market, so you can get an idea what I’m talking about (I provide the web address where I saw these rates):

Obviously rates are going to be different for the various regions of our country.  These people are highly skilled with their craft and have placed the value of their skill as you have seen above.  People want to get their kids better at their sport and willing to pay good money for it.  That is the value of these coaches.

20 years ago, no one would have paid much of anything for these coaches.  Go outside and play your sport.  Your dad will show you how it is done.  If you weren’t already a top athlete, then there was no way you were getting a coach to help you out.

That has changed.  If you want your kid to succeed, the coaches are out there that will help you.  These coaches are using the knowledge that the top coaches were using for pros 20 years ago and now applying it to your 12 year old (adapting it for maturity levels of course).

If you don’t see the value in that, that is your prerogative.  Athletes have had great success on their abilities and just working hard on their own.  I know I didn’t have a shooting coach or somebody to fine-tune my running form and I had a nice little athletic career.

But, if these coaches were accessible to me back then, I probably would have taken advantage of it.  Who knows how much more success/fun I would have had at my sports.  How would my times have been better?  That wondering probably seals the deal for most parents on the value of these coaches.  Get the kids to their optimum athletic potential and let’s see what happens.  Can a price really be put on that?

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