So as I was sitting at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports complex and watching Eric Fryer of the St. Louis Cardinals catch and hit, a lot of positive thoughts passed before my eyes. Eric is truly one of the most passionate baseball players I’ve ever been associated with. Watching him get an RBI single (line drive on an outside pitch to RCF) in his 1st AB for the day (vs. the Braves star pitcher, Julio Teheran), I felt ecstatic. (See picture from Disney above)

Then I quickly looked into the Cardinals dugout and standing on the top step leaning vs. the rail is his manager and another former RG Baseball player (participant), Mike Matheny, clap his hands in approval. More thoughts flashed before me! You see, both of these professionals at the MLB level, display that certain “passion” that resonates from all that our coaches talk about with players who attend our academy.  

BTW, I noticed that after every half-inning, Matheny hand-fisted Fryer every time he entered the Cards dugout.

BOTH of these guys, Fryer and Matheny, spent many days each week at our academy and put in a lot of time “honing” their skills and learning the game from approximately grade 6 until they graduated from high school. They came, they were serious about doing “their work” and advancing their game.

So why all this hype?

Because both give credit to us for attending our programs. First and foremost for having fun; then, “learning the game & living the dream.” And to take it another step further – – – Our style related to instruction and player development has not changed. It’s Basic Baseball which is an “old fashioned” approach.  We do it all and many will attest that it is the right way.