Approximately 40 million viewers watched game 7 of the 2016 World Series.  There were numerous highs and lows throughout.

It was a reprieve to the nation as the presidential election was dominating the news…Baseball proved (again) to be “The Back-Up Plan.”  It was a “celebration of suspense and even release.”

Cleveland showed an unbelievable resilience as a team and nobody could turn off the game if he/she was truly a fan (until the last out of the last inning of the last game). 108 years vs. 68 years was on display and with the ratings off the chart, it was just great to witness.  So let’s go back and review some observations we noted.

In No Particular Order – but, after letting it all “sink in,” we have elected to share with you some of what we feel are basic thoughts that resonated from this great (TV viewers perspective) attraction that many of us witnessed…

  • The series wasn’t over until it was over. Down 3 games to 1 you saw what the Cubs did. Then in game 7 you saw what the Tribe did down 3 runs.
  • The idea and concept of pitching (specialist) roles was really evident as relievers were called upon to do more than what we all thought their role was….where “closers” became set-up men; and, of course in game 7 everyone needed to be ready!
  • The ability to make “the routine play” wasn’t always routine. Remember game 6 and the Tribe’s outfielders? Confusion? Several “potential” double plays NOT converted due to not making a good first throw (or a long backhand flip) 10th inning of game 7 – not protecting the line and a double going down it. Getting picked off 1B by a RHP – lack of focus! Missing on the safety squeeze bunt play. And, no doubt others!!!
  • Umpires being forced to review so many “close???” calls.
  • Players forced to compete thanks to the adrenaline that was flowing in their bodies kicking in…and, a lot of deep breathing that was very noticeable…even though they make great money (and what a great job many wish they had).
  • Certainly injuries factored a lot into the entire series on both sides; but, the Tribe was really affected by 2 starters not being in the rotation which played havoc for the others in working on 1 day less of rest….but, it’s the World Series.
  • Hitters: For the most part they knew their “hot” zone and tried to work within the confines of their zone. Had a good 2-strike approach. Went to the opposite field often on the outside pitch.
  • Pitchers: Pounded the strike zone. Controlled their respective pitch counts. Movement on the ball was important and when their pitches went flat – they were often hit (and well).
  • Finally, the managers of both clubs heavily influenced and motivated their guys in a positive way as personality does play a huge part in players succeeding.

That’s it in a Nutshell and it’s worth noting that it was a great series to just sit back, watch, relax and enjoy… and gives us some things to think about as we approach this off-season time of the year.  And, BTW, it’s the best time for players to start making serious plans for their own 2017 season…

Oh yes – I guess it’s not easy for some of us to say, but the better team won…so let’s wait for next year.

Good luck in your pursuit of you G-O-A-L……

We hope to see you soon!