Content Partnership Guidelines | Contribute to the Young Athlete Hub Today

Young Athlete Hub is the premier source for news, tips, and information for young athletes across the country. We write and collect information that we believe will help younger athletes thrive both athletically and academically, focused on improving:

  • Athlete Fitness
  • Athlete Health
  • Athlete Talent and More

While the vast majority of content is produced in-house by our talented writing team, Young Athlete Hub also accepts contributions from individuals and companies that have something to offer the young athlete community, on topics that include – but are not limited to – speed training, strength training, coaching, athletic direction, nutrition, fitness, health, and more.

Guidelines | What We Accept

We know that there are times when you want to get your brand out there, gain backlinks, and more. We accept contributions provided they are:

  • Unique and Interesting – We want content we probably cannot write ourselves, and we want it written specifically for us and our website. Our young readers and their parents are here to learn, share, and more, and we’d like it to appeal to that audience.
  • Longer or Visual – We want our young readers to be engaged. We’d like content to be longer – at least 500 words – or we’d like visual components such as images and video to make sure that those on our website remain interested.
  • Written to Our Audience – All content should be about sports and fitness, and should ideally be written in a way that will be appreciated by the Young Athlete Hub community. We’d like your content to keep them in mind in style, tone, and substance.

We’d like content that might be shared and/or bookmarked by these athletes or their parents, and we prefer content that genuinely wants to give something to the reader, not simply promote themselves.

Benefits of a Content Partnership

In exchange for this content, we’ll put your work out there for everyone to see. Every piece of content we accept we will promote on our site, on all of our social media accounts, on our email marketing lists, and more. We will also add a backlink, and if the content is outstanding we may continue to promote it for months to come.

Benefits of our content partnerships include:

  • Expanding Your Brand
  • Reaching Your Target Audience
  • Gaining Valuable Backlinks for SEO
  • Promoting Your Products or Services
  • Gaining Shares or Likes on Social Media

If we accept your content, we’ll show our thanks by making sure that your content reaches the largest audience we can, and you’ll see benefits in both the short and long term for your marketing and branding strategy.

Best Practices

Young Athlete Hub has been developing content for young athletes for many years. Through this practice, we have developed an understanding about what young athletes, and their families, want to read most. If you’re interested in writing content that genuinely gets noticed, there are several effective “best practices” that we believe will garner you the most attention. These include:

  • Actionable, Detailed Content – Give the reader something they can do immediately after reading your work.
  • Format For the Web – Readers respond best to content that has subheadings, bullet points or numbered lists, and short paragraphs.
  • Images – Though not required, unique images can be very effective for attracting views and making sure the content is thoroughly digested.
  • Engaging – Make content that gets people excited. It should have personality, possibly humor (when appropriate), and thoroughly demonstrate your expertise.

Above all else, make sure your content is genuinely valuable. Young Athlete Hub’s readership responds best to unique and interesting information that they can’t find anywhere else. Create content that genuinely educates them with intriguing information, and your article will receive an excellent response.


Ready to get started now?

If you’re interested in becoming a content partner, contact us today with your information and a topic idea, and we’ll let you know if we believe that it will be a good fit for our website. Young Athlete Hub strives to be a leader in quality content for the young student athlete, and we’d love to share your content with our community.