I had an unbelievable year coaching our boys and girls track teams at Bishop Watterson.  We broke a bunch of school records and our girls placed higher than any other girls team at the state meet in school history.

Just at the state meet for the girls alone we did the following:

  • Placed third as a team.  Never placed as a team in school history before this year.
  • Had the most participants ever in one state track meet in school history – 10.
  • Our 4x200M and 4x400M were STATE CHAMPIONS!!
  • And we medaled in four other events – 4x100M (4th), 100M (5th), 1600M (6th), and 200M (8th).

A lot went right for us this year and I do feel I was able to push the right buttons to get the right results.

But, there are always some things you can work on to improve.  In 2015, I wrote a similar blog post on what mistakes I made that year.  Here are a few of this year’s issues I want to correct after this season.

  • Reduce our lower extremity injuries.  You have these injuries every year in track – shin splints, muscle strains, potential stress fractures. We had our fair share and I want to figure out how to address those imbalances so they don’t happen again.  One of my thoughts is implementing more barefoot training. Whether it be just our warmup or a scheduled time in a practice, I think this might help reduce the seriousness of these injuries.

  • Toe Holds.  I started this with my team prior to the pandemic. This year, I decided not to integrate them because I was trying to maximize time.  The various toe hold drills I do are designed to help strengthen the ankle.  A stiff, strong ankle generates a lot of speed. If it is weak, you lose a lot of power.  It is like having wobbly wheels on a car. I’ll try to figure out a way to incorporate these more next year.

  • Breathing drills.  I created a whole document on breathing and truly feel it can optimize our performance.  If we are more efficient with our breathing normally, I think we can run more efficiently in our races.  I don’t know how much my team looked at these, but will see what I can do for next year.

As I said, a lot of decisions that were made this season went right.  What I was able to do was make a nice blueprint for a formula of success for our team.  I think at this point, it will be to just tweak that each year based on the personnel we have and what new tricks I learn in the offseason.