A lot of athletes have a dream of playing in college.  The pandemic seems to have thrown a monkey wrench in everything, including college recruiting.

The NCAA had put a dead period for recruiting since all this went down.  It has been continually pushed back and the last one went from April 15, 2021 to May 31, 2021.  No in-person contact with recruits.  All virtual.

It will be over a year now that D1 college coaches have not been allowed to see recruits, give them tours, or have any type of official visits.

I know this because of the recruiting process my daughter went through.  The D1 schools that were interested in my daughter communicated via text and Zoom calls.  None of the schools were even offering on-campus tours for potential students let alone prospective athletes.

We visited the colleges on our own.  Did our own self guided tours.  Stopped random masked people and asked them a few basic questions.

An awesome way to get a feel if you want to be at this school for the next four years of your life.

I thought there might be a chance that if we texted the coaches we were going to be at the student union at such and such time, they just might “happen” to walk by.  I don’t know about other students’ experiences, but our coaches didn’t chance it.

In hindsight, my daughter probably could have reached out to team members on social media and seen if any of them could meet us and talk with us.  Tip #1 for you other prospective recruits – if the coach can’t meet with you, then find a way to connect with the athletes and meet with them.

Here is the interesting part.

D2 and D3 schools aren’t necessarily on a dead period for recruiting.  It has basically been left up to the schools what they want to do from what I understand.  

I know this for a fact as a D2 school was ready to organize an official visit with my daughter.  This visit did include staying overnight with one of the current team members.

Not that I’m saying that would have been right or wrong in this particular environment.  I guess the question I’m really asking is with D1 coaches still in this dead period are we suggesting they can really spread covid a lot easier than D2 and D3 coaches?  That is why they still can’t do in-person recruiting?

I have athletes in other sports that are basically in limbo waiting to see if they can get an offer from a coach.  Some are jumping at the first offer they receive.  Doesn’t matter if it might be the best fit for the athlete, it is an offer so let’s seal the deal.

Pushing this dead period back to May 31 is tragic to all recruits who want to play.  You could most certainly modify the rules so the recruits could at least meet the coach and get a tour of the campus.  

My opinion is that there is going to be a whole bunch of really good athletes that slip through the cracks.  They will not get on anyone’s radar and will not be on a college team.  They might be in college, but not playing. 

If this happens, look for a bunch of kids getting picked up in the next two years to colleges. Or just a slew of good athletes who unfortunately got caught up in this b.s. and were not able to fulfill their college sport playing dream.