During the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us are missing out on the physical and mental benefits that yoga and other forms of exercise provide for our overall well-being. You need those benefits more than ever during this crisis, so here are some indoor health and wellness tips that can help you cope and thrive during this difficult time.

Yes, You Can Do Yoga at Home!

Longing for those down dogs and planks? Well, there’s no reason why you can’t continue your yoga practice at home, especially when you have resources to help build a home practice.

  • Order some yoga gear online and order early since shipping times are longer.
  • If you already have a mat, skip ordering props and use household items to support your practice instead, such as books for blocks and a towel in place of a strap.
  • Find a space where you can set up a yoga room, but know that this can also be a corner or small area in a quiet room where you can practice with minimal distractions.
  • Stream live yoga classes to get pointers and tips for your home practice.
  • Look for kid-friendly yoga videos to get little ones in on your yoga practice.
  • Take your practice to your backyard or a quiet park.

You Can Also Try Other Workouts

You may need to find a few extra ways to burn calories and energy so you don’t get bored in quarantine, and these tips can help:

  • Need help with choosing the best workouts for you? Consider booking personal training sessions with Fitness Planning Consultants.
  • If your kids are bouncing off the walls, you can try these family-friendly exercises.
  • Consider setting up a home gym instead of only setting up a yoga space, so you can dedicate a corner of this new workout room to your yoga practice.
  • Connect your laptop or other devices to a small television so that you can stream your online workouts without having to strain your eyes staring at a small phone.
  • Get some gear and accessories that will boost your workout routine such as resistance bands, wireless headphones and sweat-proof hair bands — all of which make great gifts, too.

You Should Also Focus on Self-Care and Compassion

Having a home fitness routine can be important for staying healthy, but also recognize that these are unprecedented times. So cut yourself some slack and put these stress-relief and self-care resources to use as well:

  • Understand that while exercise can be important, self-care is vital for maintaining your mental health during times of crisis.
  • Start your mornings with calming practices, including meditation, journaling, and gratitude, if you have a hard time making time for self-care during the day.
  • Find ways to occupy your children when you need a few minutes to yourself for some stress-relieving self-care.
  • Download self-care apps to guide you through mindful meditation and other calming practices and to set self-care reminders.
  • Try to get quality sleep because good sleep is essential for your well-being.

Working out at home can be safe and fun for your entire family, but it’s also smart to leave some time for self-care. Try to keep everyone active, entertained, and as stress-free as possible.

For a more customized approach to health and fitness, get in touch with the pros at Fitness Planning Consultants. We offer personal training, nutrition coaching, and other services that can help you meet your goals.

This guest post was contributed by Anya Willis.  For most of her childhood Anya struggled with her weight. In school, she was bullied because of it, and it wasn’t until she took a yoga class in college that things started to change. Anya now uses her knowledge and love for yoga through FitKids to help kids find physical activities to keep them happy and moving.