About 8 years ago, I wrote a blog post on how to improve your speed for the 60 yard dash.  If you are a baseball player with aspirations on playing in college, you understand the importance of this run.

At some point, I might write a 2.0 blog post on improving the 60.  That is for another day.  Today, I want to discuss improving your home to first speed.

This Saturday at our facility, we are offering a free workout specific to baseball conditioning and this topic will obviously be a part of it.  If you are in Columbus and would like to attend, please click here to fill out our contact form and put “free baseball workout” in the Message portion.

If you play baseball (or softball for that matter), I don’t have to explain why improving this home-to-first speed is important.  But, I will anyways.

If home-to-first speed improves, you can beat out grounders where before you might be out, but now they are infield singles.  Better yet, maybe you are stretching singles into doubles or doubles into triples.

It makes you a more versatile player and more valuable to your team.  It also won’t mean the only way you get on base is by hitting the ball in the outfield.  Well, besides an error, walk, or hbp.

How are we going to approach this?

Basically, you are running a 30 yard dash with a swinging start.  Let’s wait to address that start until last.  Here is how you will approach the rest of the home-to-first speed:

  • Make sure you have good running mechanics. That might improve your time by a couple tenths of seconds right there.
  • To improve your power and start, do some type of resistance running. This could be using a prowler and pushing it or doing some uphill running.
  • Get stronger in your legs. Improve the strength and combine it with some type of fast twitch movement for the best results.  E. doing squats and then immediately after the set do a set of jump squats.

That will help the speed once you are out of the batter’s box.  Here is what you will do to help the transition from swinging the bat to accelerating out of the box.

  • Do a side medicine ball toss as demonstrated in this Youtube video.
  • Instead of tossing it against a wall, explode it down a straight line as far as you can (like the first base line) and immediately sprint after it until you pass the med ball.

If you can do the above drills and suggestions, I guarantee your home-to-first speed will improve.