As the years have gone by, I have learned to pay more attention to the benefits of fiber.  If you are like me, you definitely notice when you have been eating greasy foods, processed foods, or foods generally not that good for you.Nature calls just a little too often and your toilet bowl does NOT thank you for it.

I’ve learned that if I can get more fiber in my diet (and sometimes it takes more than just getting it naturally from food) – both soluble and insoluble – it does wonders for my system.  Plus, all the other benefits I will discuss here in a minute.

First to explain, this is what the difference is between the two fibers:

  • Soluble Fiber – This is the type of fiber that dissolves in water and lowers cholesterol and glucose levels. Examples are oats, peas, citrus fruits, apples, and carrots.
  • Insoluble Fiber – This is the type of fiber that goes through your digestive tract and collects waste. Helps with constipation and/or irregular bowel movements.  Examples are whole wheat flour, wheat bran, beans, cauliflower, and potatoes.

Here are some of the reasons why you want to get more fiber in your diet:

  • It helps with your bowel movements. In my experience, there is a misconception with the general public about eating more fiber.  You will poop all the time.  Actually, when you get enough fiber in, you will be more consistent (say once a day at a particular time).  You will also have more water absorbed from the stool and have a bulkier stool which aids in a healthier digestive tract.  TMI??
  • It will lower total cholesterol and your bad cholesterol.
  • It will help control your blood sugar levels.
  • It will give you a fullness feeling and aid in you maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight if need be by not eating as much junk.
  • It has been known to reduce the chances of acquiring certain cancers and heart disease.

All that being said, I’ve also learned this.  I do believe taking a fiber supplement will help you attain the amount of fiber you need more so then just eating a healthy diet that focuses on fiber rich foods.

This is just my own experience, but I eat healthier than 99% of the people I know.  Thus, I assume that 99% is typical of how the general population eats.

Even eating a lot of the fiber rich foods I mention, my bowels still can be irregular.  You get that gurgling in your stomach area.  Gases moving around.  When I add the fiber supplement, without fail I get back on track.  The only exception is if I’m on vacation and eating really bad.  Then I might have to take it more frequently or just hold off until after the vacation.

That being said, I use Advocare® Fiber.

I mix it with some water and orange juice and down it.  I drink one drink and combine it with a healthy diet and usually I can drink one a week before I have to re-drink it.  That is what I notice.

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If you are wanting to get healthy then take it.  If you are an athlete, it will help keep you regular plus the other benefits as an athlete are important.  It also eliminates those unexpected bathroom breaks that do happen sometimes to athletes.

This is one of the easiest ways to improve your health.  Plus, if your cholesterol or glucose levels are out of wack, this should be a no-brainer.

Give it a shot and thank me later.