I’m a believer in wearable devices, in particular the Whoop band.  The data that can be extrapolated from these devices really makes us better prepared on what we need to do to improve our fitness.

I’ve talked about how the PGA tour has purchased a bunch of bands for all the players, caddies, and tour officials.  I think that some college football teams have bought into the band wagon and possibly some NFL teams.

In January, I wrote about heart rate variability (HRV) and how it can be an indicator if your body is starting to fight off something.  HRV is tied to the nervous system and typically the nervous system starts battling sickness before you actually start feeling symptoms.

Now there is a new metric that is helping us indicate sickness coming on.  It is your respiratory rate and this has been huge in helping us identify a person who might be in the early stages of Covid-19.

The respiratory rate is basically how many breaths you take in a minute.  They determine this number during your sleep since it is a state of rest.  Once the Whoop figures out where your rate normally falls, if you are healthy it shouldn’t deviate very much.  Maybe within 1.

For example, one day it could be a 13.5 and the next 14.1.  That type of increase is normal.

BUT, if you have 13.5 one day and the next day is 16 that might be cause for concern.

You are having to breathe more because the body is starting to fight off a sickness that you aren’t feeling yet.  Or just something is off.  Like sleeping in a car and having a problem falling asleep.

PLUS, Whoop is the first wrist-worn wearable that has been validated for accuracy by a third party.  So, you know it is legit.

If you get a change in rate as indicated above, Whoop has suggested you might want to get tested for Covid.  They have found from their members that got Covid-19, there was typically a big spike in the respiratory rate a few days before they started feeling symptoms.

You might recall me sharing a story about a PGA golfer who wore the Whoop band.  He woke up with a spike in his respiratory rate.  He contacted the PGA and immediately got tested.  Turns out he was positive and withdrew from the tournament.

Seeing that rate spike, he was able to isolate himself until he could be sure about his test results.  Thus, probably saving a lot of people from getting Covid from him in its contagious stage.

I obviously use it for more than just identifying sickness.  It can be a real valuable tool in planning workouts for athletes and/or wellness clients.  Go hard when you are recovered.  Not so hard, when you need to recover more.

This respiratory rate just happens to be another plus.

If you are interested in getting a Whoop band for yourself or your athlete, CLICK HERE and you can get a free month with your order.

I think it is worth it.  Especially now when we are trying to figure out whether athletes should be playing or not, it could help you keep your team together longer knowing if and when you might be getting Covid-19 or not.