As much as I can’t stand social media right now, I think I have disciplined my twitter feed to just showing relevant training content from some of the best performance coaches out there.

I love reading their stuff and see how I can apply it to my training for my athletes.

Recently, I’ve been reading over great content from coaches who have worked professional stars such as Kobe Bryant, Christian McCaffrey, and Steph Curry.  Here are some of the performance coaches and what I took away from them:

  • Tim Grover, Tim Grover was fortunate enough to work with Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and Michael Jordan among others. He doesn’t do as much training anymore as he has diversified into other interests.  I recently watched several interviews with him on the GQ Sports Youtube channel.  He said the fastest way to get an athlete stronger nowadays is by moving metal (lift weights).  He doesn’t understand with all the technology, knowledge that is out there, recovery methods, less contact, and why there are more injuries.

    Lifting weights causes a stimulus in your body that prepares you for sport and helps with injury prevention.  It stimulates the nervous system in a better way then bands do, body work, or sport specific stuff.

  • Brandon Payne Brandon Payne has worked with Stephen Curry for over 10 years.  If you watch his video on the GQ channel about what he does with Steph, it is really cool some of the drills he does.  If my training was for basketball, I’d look at some of them.  Or I will get my kid to do them at some point.  The one thing I liked with his training is he is starting a program to continue contact with the parents of his athletes during the season when typically they stop training with the performance coach.  This way they can stay connected and he can give advice on different scenarios that come up during the season.
  • Brian Kula, I really like this coach and the things he has been doing with athletes. He has worked with several big time sprinters, but the athlete he is most recognized with is Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers.  The big takeaway from him that I have implemented with my athletes is working on heavy weight to develop the strength to bodyweight ration and promote longer rest inbetween sets so as not to beat the body up.  He also will combine them with a plyometric exercise that is similar in movement to the strength lift that you are doing.
  • Matt Rhea, He was a football performance coach for my alma mater, Indiana, and recently accepted a position with Alabama. Not that the Crimson Tide needed any more of an advantage, but this guy will do wonders with those athletes.  His research on speed development is vast.  You need quick knowledge bombs, check out his twitter feed.  Like Kula, he likes to do plyos after his heavy lifts.  A couple of the plyometrics he does, I had never seen before and now incorporating them into our program with our athletes.

If you have been reading my posts, you might have noticed my mentioning of these coaches at one time or another.  For them, it should be a great sign of respect that I like what they say and want to use their knowledge with my athletes in the hopes of making them better.

Trust that if you train with me, the program your athlete will be put on has literally been used by thousands of athletes and some at the very top level.  A quality program for your very special athlete. 😉