Last year around this time, I wrote about some amazing technology that could advance your training.  It was called the Oura Ring.  The premise is that with today’s technology you can more accurately pinpoint the optimal time to train and maximize that window.

I did not pursue the Oura Ring because I just am not a fan of rings.  It is too bulky for me even though I was told the ring can be worn during workouts and not effect it too much.

Then I was told about the Whoop Band.  This is basically a tiny electronic monitor placed in an elastic bracelet you fit on your wrist.

It takes in an incredible amount of data that spits out something readable that is based on these three items: strain, recovery, and sleep.    How much strain was placed on your body and how much sleep do you need to make a full recovery and have an optimal training day?

There is an initial period needed to gather the data so your threshold can be determined.  It needs a good amount of time to establish your normal health patterns.  Once you do that, it is incredibly reliable on what your body needs to do to stay healthy.

Professional players are wearing this all the time to fine-tune their workouts.  Other pros such as Lebron James and Michael Phelps are using it to better optimize their training as well.

One individual was able to use the data and found out that if he does a 15 minute cycling workout a few hours before he goes on a plane ride traveling over two time zones causing jetlag, he would have a better recovery.

The theory is this.  If we can figure out exactly what activities put the most strain on your body and how much recovery you need to be back at 100% readiness for the next workout, we can create a much more efficient workout plan for you.

Think about it.  I’m a track coach.  Typically our standard plan is if we do a hard day, we probably will do an easier day the next day and ramp it up a little more the day after that before we do our next hard day again.  This is all on feel.

With this technology, if I do a hard day and the data is telling me that, then I have a couple workouts in mind for the next day depending on your recovery.  You will be able to provide various workouts that all reflect how much you can handle with that recovery in mind.

If I know a big meet is coming up, I can fine-tune my workouts so that the athlete is completely recovered from them and ready to go the day of the meet.

The Whoop Band also has a team community page.  I’m not quite sure how it works yet, but if my entire team is using the Whoop Band, I can go on our page and see the analytics for all my athletes.  You can personalize the workouts that much more with your team by seeing the reports for everyone.

This really could be a game changer for your sport.  It can dictate what you need to do in practices to make sure you are really fresh for your games.

If you are interested with your athlete getting the best quality of training, then click here to read about the Whoop Band.