Christian McCaffery, the running back for the Carolina Panthers, is having a monster year.  His speed has been very evident this season as he has simply been running faster than everybody else.  He has 3 touchdown runs of 50 or more yards, tops in the league.

McCaffery and his speed coach, Brian Kula, have made it an emphasis to get him to his ideal weight (in the article it says 209) and then get him as fast as he can at that weight.

Recently, I was reading an article about him on entitled, “Christian McCaffery’s No. 1 Weight Room Exercise.” Low and behold his number one exercise is the trap bar (or hex bar) deadlift.

Really??!!  Where have I heard that before?

Oh yeah, it was from me.  I discussed this back in 2015 with my blog post, The New Exercise We Are Doing To Get Your Athlete Faster.

Now, I’m not saying that Christian McCaffery and his speed coach took this idea from me.  And so what if they did.  I got it from someone else I’m sure.

What I’m saying is great minds think alike.  If these exercises and methodologies are good enough for Christian McCaffery and Brian Kula, then they probably are good enough for your athlete.  And if I’m thinking like them, then maybe I have some other brilliant nuggets in my noggin that could be of benefit to you.

Here is a quote from the article about how they utilize the deadlift and a plyometric:

“McCaffrey will often pair the Deadlift with a plyometric movement to take advantage of the post-activation potentiation effect, a phenomenon where many athletes will jump higher or farther immediately following a heavy lower-body strength movement due to increased motor unit activation.”

And here is a quote from my blog post (once again that I wrote in 2015) on the same thing:

“Eventually with our athletes we will get to a point where we will do a set of 4-5 reps of deadlifts and then do bodyweight squat jumps immediately after as a contrast. The combination of the two exercises should develop the speed the way we want it to.”

Doesn’t that just blow your mind!!  I could be training McCaffery…if I had known him and was living in Colorado.  Brian Kula must be one heck of a speed coach.  He has my support.  I mean just look at how McCaffery is tearing it up out there.  That should be evidence enough.

If you want to get faster, follow my advice, or Brian Kula’s if you must, and implement the trap bar deadlift.  It is a staple with my athletes and it should be a staple for yours.