The quadriceps tendon.  If you are like me, you probably didn’t realize there was a quad tendon.  My guess is you have probably heard of the patella tendon, but not the quad tendon unless you have injured it somehow.  Like I did.  I ruptured not just one, but two (you only have two – one for each leg).

At the same #**@ing time.  UGH!!

The quad tendon attaches your quadriceps muscle to the top of the patella.  The patella tendon attaches the bottom of your patella to the tibia.

Here is what the quad tendon helps you do.  Sit on a chair and try to extend your leg so it is sticking straight up in the air.  If your quad tendon ruptures, you do not have the ability to even get your leg off the ground.

Basically, if you have a ruptured quad tendon and try to take a step, your legs fold like a cheap suit.  You crash straight to the ground with no way to stop yourself until your knees bang into the ground.

You know who Victor Oladipo is?  He is one of the star players for the Indiana Pacers and former IU Hoosier (like me).

In January, he was chasing down an opponent who was on a fastbreak.  As Oladipo went to plant with his right leg, his quad tendon ruptured and he fell slamming his right knee into the ground.  I watched the video and definitely knew that feeling.

He is finally back to practicing, but has not played in an NBA game yet this season.  Yes, the NBA has started.  He is targeted to come back sometime in December.

Dr. Rodney Benner, a knee specialist and orthopedic surgeon at the Shelborne Knee Center in Indianapolis, said that the quad tendon rupture is potentially worse than the more familiar ACL.

Dr. Benner states with the ACL tear, a normal person could still function within his/her daily life with some modifications for tolerated range of motion without having to have surgery to repair it.  If one desired.

If your quad tendon ruptures, you are screwed.  You have to have it repaired, if you ever want to walk again.

Typically, these injuries happen to individuals 40 or older.  You could see a patella tendon tear for people (especially athletes) 40 or younger, but a quad tendon is rare.

That is why Oladipo’s injury is so flukey.  He was 26 at the time of his injury.  Other NBA stars who had this injury were Charles Barkley (36 at the time of the injury) and Tony Parker (34 at the time of his).  Both injuries essentially ended their respective careers.

I was in the 40 or over age category in case you were wondering.  Barkley was trying to block a shot when his injury happened.  I was trying to shoot a fadeaway jumper.  Obviously, I am comparable to the abilities of an NBA superstar.

It will be interesting to see how Oladipo recovers from this injury.  I am probably not playing competitive basketball ever again.  But, it isn’t my profession so oh well.  He is a very explosive player so getting the mind to trust what the body might be able to do again will be intriguing to watch.

As stated earlier, the previous superstars to get this injury where about ready to retire.  Oladipo is in the prime of his career.  This injury probably won’t happen to another player his age very soon, so Oladipo will be the blueprint for this moving forward.