I haven’t quite mastered the Instagram game.  In fact, our own Instagram account isn’t very productive.  We get posts up only when I think about it.  But feel free to like it and follow please. 😉

I don’t usually stalk the celebrity accounts, but I have recently been looking at some of the athlete accounts.  I’m too old to really care who they are hanging with or what party they are at, but I do enjoy seeing some of the workouts that they post.

Some workouts they share I have done and others I have not ever seen, but certainly am willing to try.

What I wanted to go through with you today was the top 5 athletes who have the best Instagram accounts in terms of them sharing their workouts.  Showing you what they do to be the best that they can be.

Take a look at these athletes, so you can get a glimpse in what it takes to be an athlete at a high level:

  • These are in no particular order, but if there was a top spot it would belong to former NFL linebacker, James Harrison. This guy is a beast in the weight room and because of his work ethic here, it is easy to understand why he played so long in the NFL.  The majority of his posts are of him working out.  He has a nutritional product line that he endorses as he makes shakes occasionally.  This guy definitely walks the walk and talks the talk.
  • I’ll admit I find Lebron James an interesting dude and wouldn’t mind having his lifestyle. That being said, every so often he posts some pics of his workouts on his feed and they are rough.  I love how the best athletes work themselves out hard.  King James, if you get tired of your current performance coach, someone in the Buckeye state would certainly love the opportunity to get you better.  I’m talking about me.
  • If you follow American Ninja Warrior then you have probably heard of Kacy Catanzaro. She was like the first woman to pass a certain stage in this show and now she has moved on to pro wrestling I think.  Anyways, she posts all sorts of pics from her workouts.  If you want to see some of the crazy stuff that she does, check out this feed.  She’s a former gymnast if that tells you anything of what she can do.
  • Tennis players are like any modern athlete. They view lifting as a way of gaining an edge.  Novak Djokovic is no different.  One of the top ranked tennis players in the world is posting pics from his workout basically saying can you top that.  I saw a video where he did a single leg box jump, starting perpendicular to the box, jumping, and turning onto the box in mid-air.  Check it out.
  • Yes, I find Lindsey Vonn very attractive, but she is a workout fiend. She posts tons of pics from her workouts.  I saw her standing on some half stability ball, catching shoes thrown at her, and not falling off.  She does Olympic lifts and a bunch of crazy hard exercises.  She earns my respect and she should earn yours after watching her posts.

If you want to see some good exercises and drills you might not have thought of, then check out these athletes.  But, certainly there are some others.  Feel free to leave who you think are some athletes that post some great workout pics in the comments’ box below.