Last week, I talked about exercises to hit your glutes just a little better than what you probably are already doing.  In fact, if you do that right you will decrease your injuries and increase your body’s ability to get faster quicker (or, in other words, run faster).

Keeping along those lines, I stumbled across a video from an awesome strength coach, Wil Fleming.  This video was illustrating how you need to adjust your technique with a hex bar deadlift in order to focus on more of your posterior chain (which would include your glutes obviously J).

If you want to improve your speed, you need to increase your leg turnover rate (stride rate), the stride length, or both.  Whichever area you want to focus on, you have to make sure the posterior chain is being hit appropriately.

This one little tweak to your technique for the hex bar deadlift could help.

One way of doing the hex bar deadlift looks like you are just doing a normal squat, but the weight is in a different position.  That position essentially looks like this:

  • The athlete sets the feet shoulder width apart and then goes straight down to the bar.
  • When doing this, the torso angle and the shin angle are almost exactly alike. That is more of a hex bar squat type movement.

In order to shift the focus on to the posterior muscles which will really help you run fast, you need to do this variation:

  • Hinge at the waist and shoot the butt back until your hands are about at the kneecaps and then just squat down to the handles.
  • When you get into this position, your torso is at a much sharper angle than before while the shins will almost be vertical.
  • Begin the movement and drive your hips through to extension.

You can interchange how you want to do the deadlifts because shocking your system is always good.  Both ways have benefits to your strength/speed program.  Just know that the second method will hit the posterior chain a lot differently than the first method.

With the backside muscles getting stronger and working congruently, you can develop a much stronger backside.  This in turn will help you increase the eccentric force back into the ground when you are sprinting.  The more force you throw into the ground, the more force the ground throws back at you, which in turn means you are running faster.

Try it out the next time you are doing deadlifts with the hex bar.  Come back to this blog post and share how different it felt, if at all, in the comment’s box.  Until then get strong and be fast!!