I hear a lot of dumb things that come out of people’s mouths.  You’d be amazed at the old school training myths that people still believe.

Hello people!  Step into the 21st century!

I was listening to a soccer player talk about the strength training routine that the strength coach had her do.  She felt it was more upper body based and not much lower body work which didn’t make sense to her.

Yeah, no kidding!  It doesn’t make sense to me either!

By far, the dumbest thing a soccer player can do is not strength train his/her legs at all.  A lot of old school coaches want to avoid legs because they feel that the running a soccer player does is enough to develop leg strength.

If that archaic philosophy was true, then why aren’t the Kenyan distance runners the size of the Incredible Hulk??  That’s stupid!  Running does not develop the leg strength and power that you need.  Strength training does.

You think you are going to run the amount of time you have to run in a soccer game and still continue to kick with power and have bursts of speed WITHOUT doing weight training?  The average soccer player has been known to run 7 miles during the course of a game.  That is a lot of mileage and if you aren’t strength training to develop that strength you could be screwed.

You need to get rid of that old mindset.  Soccer players and runners are the biggest morons when it comes to that line of thinking.  Oh I run a lot, my legs are getting their strength and muscle that way.

No they are not.  Strength training will develop leg power to kick with speed and length.  It will also help you run faster and quicker.  Finally, it will help reduce the chance for an injury.  You would be stupid not to train your legs.

So next time your coach or strength coach suggests that you do not need to strength train your legs with lifting do one of two things. 1) Politely ask to have some exercises for your legs so you can do some “extra work”.  2) Quit the team and play for a smarter coach.

Photo courtesy of StickerGiant Custom Stickers on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/stickergiant/