2016 was an interesting year.  For my business, we had some exciting things happen:

  • As the year ends, we have two new coaches – Becca Gallagher and Casey Kincer.
  • We had a few of our athletes who have moved on to college athletics – Scott Brooks (lacrosse at Hope College), Taylor Hill (football at Boston College), and Mackenzie Barnes (lacrosse at Indiana Tech). I’m sure I’m forgetting some so forgive me.
  • We had our first individual state champion and national champion – Aziza Ayoub winning the state meet and the Junior Olympic national meet for the 800M.
  • Two of our athletes – Anthony Whitney and Alexander Blackmon – were members of the Bishop Hartley football team that won the state title for the second year in a row.
  • And I had my first injury that required surgery. Go figure!

There were some big stories in sports this past year.  Here are a few of them:

  • Peyton Manning retiring with a Super Bowl win.
  • Lebron James bringing a championship trophy to Cleveland for the first time in ions.
  • Usain Bolt winning 3 more gold and retiring from the Olympics having won the 100M, 200M, and 4×100 relay in three straight Olympics.
  • The Chicago Cubs finally winning a World Series in over 100 years beating the Cleveland Indians, another franchise that hadn’t won in a while.

I like to end the year with predictions that I’m sure will go wrong for the next year.  So having sat down and mulling it over, these are the predictions I will come up with this year.

  • The Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl and become the first team in NFL history to win it with a rookie quarterback and running back.
  • Kobe Bryant retiring and on his final game scores 60 points. Typical Kobe.
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors will meet in the NBA Finals a third straight year. Draymond Green is going to accidentally kick King James in the family jewels.  But because Lebron is just that BADA$$, he does not flinch, and leads the Cavs to victory.
  • The Chicago Cubs will battle the Boston Red Sox in the “Theo” World Series as the Cubs will make it two in a row after not sniffing the series in over a century.
  • Serena Williams is going to tie the all-time record for career tennis grand slams.
  • More and more high schools kids are going to forego playing sports for their high schools because the demand of playing for their travel team becomes too strong. (i.e competition is better, more college exposure, financial concerns)
  • I also feel that more and more young athletes will continue to have traumatic injuries due to specializing at a young age, no free play, and/or lack of proper instruction for overall athletic development.

Those are just a few of my predictions for next year.  Do you have any?  Tell them to us in our comment’s box.  Would love to see what you think will happen next year in the world of athletics.

Photo courtesy of Steve on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mrlaugh/