As a coach, a scout or even an “average” fan (or observer), one can tell a lot about a player (as much) by the way he carries himself as by the way he plays.  Most players are not what is referred to as: A Showcase Player!  This means that not all guys run sub 7.0 in the 60, have 90+ mph bat speed, have a throwing velocity in the 90’s, knock the ball out of the park, etc.  This seems to be more the exception than “the rule!”

It’s easy to identify showcase players; but, the vast majority do not fall into this “elite” category.  But go to a practice session or to a game and just sit back and watch. Here is what we would recommend you look for or look at::

  1)  How does the player enter the facility or go onto the field?

  2)  How does the player first begin to warm-up?  Does he stretch or just go out and throw?

  3)  How does the player get along with his teammates?

  4)  How does the player dress?  Talk about his appearance!

  5)  Does the player demonstrate the ability to have fun?

These are but a few of the things you can pay attention to as you check out players.

To those players who have matured and are serious about taking their game to the highest level their skills take them, these other areas noted above are really important.  It’s been stated that promising athletes who do not pass what is referred to as “the eye test” still make it to a higher level because of their work habits, desire and attitude.

So to those player with a keen interest and desire to compete at the highest level possible, work hard on improving the physical skills but be cognizant of the need to exhibit a strong work ethic that is noticeable to the decision makers who are observing you workout and/or play.  And, this must be exhibited on a daily basis.  One never knows when a coach or a scout is watching. And, the unknown (ex:  you are playing against a team with a really good player or players on it and someone is there to watch ALSO will be watching Y-O-U, too) often occurs.

A player who goes out and is really having fun is easy to notice.

He gives his best effort all the time and even when faced with an adverse situation knows how to handle the situation.  Good players, more often than not, have F-U-N.  

Think about this message and to those serious about competing at a level that is above where you are today, be sure to work on both your skill development and your work ethic and attitude. Good things happen to those who plan and prepare accordingly.

Good work habits overcome a lot as it pertains to hustle, hustle and then again, more hustle.  Work hard and be smart.  This is often the key ingredient to success.  One cannot be phony in his effort as this is easy to notice.  Consistency is imperative.

Good luck in your pursuit of the G-O-A-L……