The week of the NFL Draft, I wrote my blog about if you were the slowest performer in the 40 at the NFL Combine for your position, would you get drafted?

Sooooo many of you read that blog and now that the draft has been done, I’m going to discuss the results of that blog.

I started off by guaranteeing that the following six players will be drafted. These athletes all ran the FASTEST 40 at their position. Surprisingly, one did not get drafted (draft round in parentheses):

  • Jake Brendel (No dice on the draft), C, UCLA
  • Jason Spriggs (2), T, Indiana
  • Charles Tapper (4), DE, Oklahoma
  • Anthony Zettel (6) – I didn’t claim it would be a high draft pick), DT, Penn State
  • Darron Lee (1), OLB, Ohio State
  • Joshua Perry (4), ILB, Ohio State

So much for guarantees. Brendel, dude, what happened??

The next four athletes also ran the fastest 40 at their position and I said that they all should get drafted, but it wasn’t a lock. Turns out I was right.

  • Keith Marshall (7 – Barely), RB, Georgia
  • Will Fuller (1), WR, Notre Dame
  • Jerrell Adams (6), TE, South Carolina
  • Jonathon Jones (Not Drafted), CB, Auburn

I’m still shocked at how a fast defensive back at a big time university is not drafted, but yes it certainly does happen.

These other two fast athletes, I wasn’t as convinced could get drafted based on the quirckiness of their positions, but it turns out they were pretty safe bets and should have completely ignored my prophetic wisdom.

  • Joe Thuney (3), G, N.C. State
  • T.J. Green (2), S, Clemson

Now for what you have been waiting for. Did the slowest athletes get drafted? Drum roll please……..

  • Jimmy Pruitt, a slow cornerback did not get drafted just as I said he wouldn’t.
  • A.J. Stamps, a smallish safety from Kentucky was told to make sure he got his degree because the NFL wasn’t a calling and I was correct sir.
  • Shad Thornton was the slowest running back on my list and I said he had a chance to get drafted. Apparently, it was a very slim chance because he did not see his name across the ticker.
  • A slow receiver is so coveted in the NFL. NOT! I told Bralon Addison he had a 50/50 shot, but ultimately felt he wouldn’t get drafted and I was right.
  • Gionni Paul was a short, slow OLB from Utah and unfortunately for him I said he would not get drafted. Right again! Man I am hot tonight.
  • Although TE David Morgan was slow, he did nice in the other drills. I said that he would get drafted and he did in the sixth round. Now go out there and make the roster.

So what did we learn?

Probably a whole lot of nothing. But, I will continue to monitor this stuff because it interests the heck out of me. And people train with me to improve that 40 time, so I got to give them a reason to justify that it is worth it right?

Photo courtesy of Erin Costa on Flickr: