Every so often you see something that makes you scratch your head. I normally just keep those things to myself because if I grab someone’s ear to tell them everything that was on my mind, I’d probably have them stare at me very scared like. I’m just kidding. Sort of. But every now and then you just want to spout off what’s on your mind. Not for the sake of finding answers, but really just to throw it out there and let it stew in the air. Here are some of the DEEP THOUGHTS I’ve been contemplating recently:

  • Why if you are going to the gym to exercise and burn calories do you have to park illegally or create your own parking spot as close to the entrance as possible?? Park far away like the rest of us and start burning calories walking to the gym.
  • If you have been working out more often than me, yet your body shape stays the same, why do you continue to do the same workouts? I know you are ticked about it because you talk loud enough for me to hear, so why do the same things and quite possibly eat the same things if nothing has changed for years?
  • Apparently there are enough people on this planet that think you can get faster doing just two weeks of training. The reason I say that is 2 weeks before any sport season starts we inevitably get calls asking to work with their kid to get faster. Or even better, after the first scrimmage call us up and say get their kid needs to get faster because he/she has all of the sudden gotten slow. They were slow before the season started. They were slow 3, 4, even 6 months ago and you’re just now noticing?! Yeah, we can get them faster just like Usain Bolt starts training for the Olympics two weeks before opening ceremonies.
  • If Lebron James stinks so bad and went the easy way out teaming up with “superstars” Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh for titles, why is it the only piece of the Heat that left was Lebron James and the team was 8 games below .500 BEFORE Bosh got injured not even making the playoffs??
  • Is it possible to disagree with someone and have a civil debate without automatically dismissing the other person’s viewpoint as stupid (and I’m being nice with that word)?
  • With all the spandex and tight clothes worn by women these days that leaves little left for the imagination, just to be safe when conversing with a female wearing said items I will stare at the top of their head so there is no confusion what I’m looking at. You may think I’m weird, but at least I don’t have to hear you say, “eyes up here”.
  • If you have been reading this for this long, you either are amused by these thoughts or listening to another motivational speaker brought in by your company.

Not looking for any answers, but just wanted to throw those out in the universe. If you do have any thoughts on the above topics, don’t hesitate to leave your response in the comments box below. Have a great day!!