The time has come to see how brilliant my NFL draft predictions were. When I posted the prediction post a couple weeks ago, someone commented immediately that one of my predictions was going to be way off and he was right.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Running Back – I thought that Karlos Williams from Florida State would go in the early 5th round. I was almost dead on with this one. He went in the 5th round and was the 19th pick. How you like dem apples?!

Wide Receiver – J.J. Nelson of UAB was the fastest receiver in the draft, but he was very slight. My thought was that he was a mid-6th round pick. He ended up being another 5th round draftee and the 23rd pick to the Arizona Cardinals. A little off, but not by much.

Tight End – My tight end choice was Mycole Pruitt of Southern Illinois. Because he ran the fastest 40, I thought it would be a trend for the tight end position to be drafted very low. So I guessed the 7th round. There was a 7 in his pick, but it was the 7th pick in the 5th round. Boy, I must have really gravitated to that 5th round.

Tackle – Jake Fisher of Oregon was my pick and because of his awesome stats, I said mid first rounder. I was a little off. He was the 21st pick in the 2nd round to the Bengals. Still, good for him.

Guard – Mitch Morse of Missouri was my guess and I said 3rd round. Guards are tricky to figure out, but Mitch went with the 17th pick in the 2nd round.

Center – This was a cool story. Ali Marpet of Hobart did get drafted. Hobart hadn’t had a draft pick in a zillion years. He had a great combine, but because he went to Hobart I thought 5th round. He ended up going with the 29th pick in the 2nd round to Tampa Bay. Great for him! Mo money mo problems.

Defensive End – Everyone loves a great defensive end. Danielle Hunter of LSU was my choice this year. I was way off with my choice with him. I thought late first round, but he went late 3rd round to the Vikings.

Defensive Tackle – Xavier Cooper of Washington State ran the second fastest 40 at the combine so I said he’d be in the 2nd round. He went in the third round with the last pick to the Browns. They seemed happy to get him.

Outside Linebacker – I was really off with this pick. I guessed Bud Dupree of Kentucky would go in the 4th round based on other guys his size and speed did. He went in the first round to the Steelers. Swing and a miss for Adam.

Inside Linebacker – My choice here was Stephone Anthony of Clemson. He ran the fastest 40 and did great with the other drills. I said a second round pick. I was close. He went late first round to the Saints.

Safety – This is another position I’m not great at. They seem to want other things besides speed. I guessed that Eric Rowe of Utah would get picked by the third round. He was a second round pick to the Eagles.

Cornerback – These teams love size and speed at this position. I chose Josh Shaw from USC to get picked in the second round. Apparently, the teams did not love him as much as I did. He got picked number 21 in the fourth round by the Bengals.

Bottom line is that speed isn’t everything, but is sure helps. If you get invited to the combine, chances are you will get drafted somewhere. Hope for that invite next year college ballers.

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