The 2014 NFL Draft flew by and maybe you noticed.  There were some interesting picks and I’m sure your team did just “wonderful” in the draft.  But, the reason why we are here today is to see how my NFL Draft predictions went when I was trying to base my predictions on how they performed at the NFL Combine, specifically the 40 yard dash.

Enough chit-chat, let’s get to it.

Running Back – I chose to guess on Dri Archer who ran the fastest 40 at the combine since Chris Johnson.  I thought Dri would be a mid third round pick.  He ended up being a late third round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Wide Receiver – I went with Clemson’s other receiver, Martavis Bryant.  A big guy, who had some nice measurables including a fast 40.  I thought a late second round pick.  He ended up going to the Steelers in the middle of the fourth round.  A little off on that one.

Tight End – Eric Ebron was my choice here because of his awesome combine.  Turns out he was the crown jewel of the tight ends in this draft (maybe because he is such a great athlete).  I said he would go late in the first.  He was the tenth pick by the Lions in the first round.  Pretty close with my prediction there.

Tackle – Tackles are the athletic guys on the offensive line and none were more athletic than Taylor Lewan.  He ran the fastest 40 of the tackles so I guessed late in the first round.  He ended up going in the first, #11 to the Titans.  Getting good with these picks I think.

Guard – Guards and centers are tough to predict I’ve learned throughout the years.  I didn’t do great with these two.  I chose Xavier Su’a-Filo and thought he would go early in the third.  He was the first pick in the second round to Houston.

Center – Weston Richburg had great measurables, but he is a center and they don’t always go where I think.  I thought an early fourth round pick and he ended up going in the second round to the Giants.  I said he had good measurables, just matters what teams agree with me.

Defensive End – This pick is where I really screwed up.  Defensive Ends are usually very athletic and James Gayle had some comparable measurables to Clowney.  I thought because of his times and size he would go late in the second.  He went UNDRAFTED.  He must really be the textbook case of testing well, but not translating on the field.

Defensive Tackle – Aaron Donald was a stud among defensive tackles who tested.  The numbers proved it and I suggested a mid first round pick.  Bingo!!  He got picked 13th in the first round by the Rams.

Outside Linebacker – You want your OLB’s to have some speed and Kevin Pierre-Louis ran the fastest 40’s of the linebackers.  Because of his height (wow I guessed this), I thought early fourth round.  He was taken late fourth round by the Seahawks.  Not a bad guess.

Inside Linebacker – Another pick I botched, but in a good way for Chris Borland.  I thought his 40 time would deter teams, but the 49ers liked his football playing ability so much they drafted him middle of the third.  Good for him.  I don’t need to be right all the time.

Defensive Back – You want speedy and athletic defensive backs.  Justin Gilbert is that and more.  His measurables compared favorably with other first round defensive backs in the past.  I said a mid first rounder and Cleveland took him with the 8th pick in the first.  Some fans might have been scratching their heads who this guy was, but he might pair well with the recently rich Joe Haden and they’ll have two lockdown corners.

Safety – Safeties are hard hitting, slower, defensive backs.  Brock Vereen had some good numbers in the 40 and bench.  I guessed an early fourth round pick and he went late in the fourth to the Bears.

I guess what this shows is how awesome these athletes are.  I know not all the time does a good football player translate to awesome measurables.   But, it might at least show that if you have good measurables, you might not be a good football player, but you will at least get drafted and have the chance to prove it.

Once I complete the analysis of the draft, I might do a post of athletes who did well at the combine, but did not get drafted.  There might be a nugget in there that might help future NFL hopefuls.  Hopefully, you guys got some entertainment out of this and we’ll see you next year.