Sometimes I don’t know if I’m writing posts that interest you.  So, I asked you to send me questions that you have about speed, sport training, fitness, or darn near anything (I don’t know why the sky is blue, but I’d give you an entertaining answer).

If you were on my email list, you could send me questions that way (if you aren’t on my list, download the Free Quick Speed Workout to be immediately put on).  I also did a couple 15 minute Q&A’s on my local Facebook fanpage and got a couple questions there.

Without further ado, here are some of the questions I was asked:

The best recommendation for relieving shoulder bursitis?

Bursitis stinks.  It is usually caused by overuse.  What you want to do is rest, light stretching, ibuprofen (or something like that if you need it), and then ice it initially eventually switching to heat to increase blood flow through that area to aid in healing.

Will adding muscle mass slow my speed down?

Absolutely not.  It might enhance it.  It all depends on how much you are adding and where it is going, but if you are adding muscle and decreasing some bodyfat and training appropriately, your speed should improve or at the very least stay the same.  You will have more muscle to generate the speed you need for explosiveness.  All things being equal, you give me an athlete the same height and weight with 15% bodyfat and another with 10% bodyfat, the one with 10% will have  more muscle and the potential to be faster (assuming this athlete has the right genetics).

Do you like Vanilla Ice?

I said I would answer anything so I did like Ice Ice Baby, but never saw his movie.  Wasn’t it called Cool As Ice?

Can you bench press your body weight?

Can I bench press my bodyweight?  Yes.  Should most people be able to bench press their bodyweight just once (even females)?  Yes.  If you can’t, then I suggest maybe some weight loss.

Why don’t you use electronic timing to test your athletes?  Isn’t that an inaccurate way of seeing speed improvement?

First of all, the electronic timers are pretty expensive and I’d like to spend my funds elsewhere.  Secondly, it doesn’t matter if you or I am doing the timing with a stopwatch.  What matters is that we time the athlete the same way consistently.  Does it really matter if I get a pre-time of 1.6 and a post time of 1.5 (an improvement of .1) and the electronic timer gets a 1.72 and a post time of 1.62?  It is still an improvement of .1 and that is what we are looking at.  High school track meets use watches all through the regular season.  If a football player goes to a combine, those coaches (according to my athletes) are using stop watches to get 40 times.  I’m not trying to get a time that will qualify for a world record.  I’m trying to use an instrument that will show me a measure of improvement.  A stopwatch can do that for me just as easily.  At some point I will get an electronic timer so I can help my athletes get a better gauge of a time they could get for a 40 or a 100M dash in an official race.

If you have other questions for me, please put them in the comment box below and I will either try to answer them or collect them for another blog post.  You can also go to my fanpage I linked at the beginning of this post and watch for more 15 minute Q&A’s that I will hold.